Many people with different handicaps are
still able to ride bikes.

Bicycle riding is good for your health. Many handicapped people are able to ride bikes. We have several bikes and trikes already suited for certain handicaps, and we can modify several of our bikes and trikes to suit special needs. If you want to ride, please come see us and we will have you riding your way to better health.


Sun Bicycles new HT-3 Hand-Trike is designed to get persons with disabilities out riding. The HT-3 features a hand powered 3-Speed Shimano drive train. A ball bearing seat slide makes seat adjustment and transfer a breeze. This trike has an adjustable crank height, forward and aft seat adjustment and independently adjustable foot rests to give the rider a custom fit. Cambered rear wheels and long wheelbase for stability. Front parking brake facilitates a safe transfer.

Hand Trike

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Heavy Duty Trikes

The EZ-3 USX HD provides all the stability and control available in recumbent trike technology while offering a little more thrill. And when we say HD we mean heavy duty, with 110 psi tires, 48 spoke wheels and double wall rims, this trike will handle 400 pounds. Setting this trike apart from others is its low center of gravity attained by three 20-inch wheels that are cambered in the rear to increase cornering stability. Also the EZ-3 USX HD offers three wheel brakes, mid-frame Suspension and under-the-seat steering. The EZ-3 USX HD isnt for the pure enthusiast or superhuman daredevil. The EZ-3 USX HD is for the casual to intermediate rider, perfect for sunny days on the bike path and zooming around the neighborhood. Updates for the EZ-3 USX HD include the new Slotted seat adjustment system, rattle-free and infinite adjust seat strut system along with updated graphics and color along with the great new tri-tone saddle.

Heavy Duty Trike

Heavy Duty Trike Specifications

Forward Pedals

Have your cake and eat it too. Combine straightforward cruiser styling with pedaling efficiency and comfort, plus stability for around town riding and what do you get? Que the Drifter, with its unique foot-forward crank position that allows a rider to keep both feet firmly on the ground (terra-firma) while stopped and seated and then allows the same rider to get a full leg extension while pedaling. With on-the-fly quick-release seat adjustment and adjustable angle stem, this bike can be quickly positioned for your comfort.


Drifter Specifications